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Perrin Image Gallery Help Topics

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This help page is designed to give our visitors a brief overview of how to use our gallery.
We hope that this information will make your browsing a pleasurable experience!

Question: What is "Album List"?
Answer: Album List is the main page of the Perrin Photo Gallery. You will be taken back to the main page listing of photo galleries any time you click this link.

Question: What is "Last Uploads"?
Answer: This feature shows that last pictures that were added to our web site.

Question: What is "Last Comments"?
Answer: This feature has been disabled for this site.

Question: What is "Most Viewed"?
Answer:This feature shows you the most viewed (or most popular) pictures on our web site.

Question: What is "Top Rated"?
Answer: This feature shows you the highest rated pictures in our album, as chosen by the people who have viewed (and voted on) our images. The ratings go from 5 stars (best) to 0 stars (worst).

Question: What is "My Favorites"?
Answer: This feature will let a user save a 'favorite images' file in a cookie stored on your computer.

Question: What is "Search"?
Answer: This feature allows you to search our Art Gallery for themed pictures. You can use the search to find pictures containing one or two elements. To search for a picture containing two elements, join the two words with a + sign, for example, boat + sunset.

Perrin Image Gallery User Features

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IMPORTANT: For the following features to work, you must be able to see the file information box at the bottom of the page. If you cannot see the file information, click "display/hide file information" (the second button from the left in the bottom blue toolbar above the photo) to access it.

Also, to use the "My Favorites" feature, cookies must be enabled on your computer, and the cookie from this site must not be deleted. If the cookie is deleted, you will lose the record of the photos you chose as favorites on your previous visits.

Question: How do I save a picture to "My Favorites"?
Answer: Once you are inside of a photo gallery, you will be able to choose pictures from that gallery as "My Favorites". Click on the picture you wish to select, and scroll down to the file information at the bottom of the page. Click "Add to Favorites".

Question: How do I rate a file?
Answer: Just above the file information box is a "Rate this file" bar. Click on the 'star rating' you want to give the photo.

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